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DVD Codes, DVD Unlocks, DVD Hacks, DVD Mods, DVD Region Codes, call them what you will - DVDcodes.net has access to the largest DVD code remote control database available on the net. Major models made region free include JVC, Panasonic, Sony, Kenwood, LG, Philips, Pioneer, Sanyo, Sharp, Teac and Toshiba. These brands and many more can be unlocked by tapping a simple number sequence using your DVD player's remote control.

DVDCodes.net offers access to the latest DVD player unlock codes. To access an amazing DVD region code database, click HERE.

Fact: DVD and Blu-ray players can play films from any other region of the world - all you need is the DVD code to do it. Fortunately, manufacturers program a multi-region 'back-door' into their machines, as it's cheaper than making hardware alterations before shipping their product abroad.

You may well ask, why have region restrictions in the first place? Essentially, this is down to licensing regulations. To produce a DVD player, a manufacturer must follow certain guidelines, one of which concerns region setting. However, while companies are forced to follow licensing rules, they don't want to sell a potentially useless entertainment system to importers, individuals travelling abroad, or movie buyers in their own region buying foreign discs.

DVD codes are an entirely 'legal' way to unlock your DVD player and allow you to watch films wherever you obtain them. In fact, many films appear in America months before showing up in Europe and Australia - AND THEY'RE CHEAPER. However, unless you have a 'region free' player you won't be able to watch them on your home system. This is a divisive act by DVD makers and film companies, created to control movie release dates. Certainly, there's no benefit whatsoever in having a region locked player.

Through much DVD research, we are able to provide the largest 'original' DVD code database available on the internet, specialising in unlocking players where others have failed. We never use 'chips' or 'mods', as they void your warranty as soon as you open your DVD's casing to insert them. All our methods are non intrusive and can be performed with either a handset controller or simple update disc.

You don't need to send us your player to become multi-region; our solutions can be activated safely at home, using your DVD's remote. We've become 'the insiders' at finding DVD remote control codes and pride ourselves on our expertise.

Even if you're a technophobe, don't worry; every DVD region code we supply can activated at leisure. If you make a mistake the first time, try again. It's so easy to make your DVD player region free, you wouldn't believe it. So go ahead and unlock your DVD equipment today!

Recent Database Updates:

Samsung BD-J5000 Blu-ray Player
Samsung BD-F5500 3D Network Blu-ray

Bose LifestyleŽ 48 Series IV 5.1 Channel Home Theater System
Panasonic DMP-BDT310PU 3D Blu-ray Player
Panasonic DMP-BDT465 3D Blu-ray (4K Upscaling) Player
Panasonic DMP-BDT500EB Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Player
Panasonic DMR-PWT500 HDD Blu-ray Recorder
Panasonic DMR-PWT520 HDD Blu-ray Recorder
Panasonic DMP-BD35 (1080p Upconversion) Blu-ray Player

Panasonic DMP-BD83 Smart Network Blu-ray Player
Philips BDP7500MKII 3D Blu-ray Player
Philips BDP7500SL Blu-ray Player
Samsung BD-C5900 3D Ready Blu-ray
Samsung BD-D5100 (Wi-Fi Ready) Blu-ray Player
Sharp Aquos BDHP50 1080p Blu-ray Player
Sony BDV-E880 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System
Magnavox MRD200 DVD Home Theater System

If you have any questions regarding region free codes, we'd be pleased to hear from you - questions@dvdcodes.net


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