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How do I unlock my DVD player?

DVD Region Player Regions from around the World:

Check the map and you'll see that there are six major DVD regions. Region 1 discs won't play in Region 2, Region 2 discs won't play in Region 3. In short, the region where the disc has been purchased can 'only' be played on systems manufactured in that particular region. Unless of course, your player has been unlocked.

Region 1 USA and Canada
Region 2 Europe, Middle East, Japan , South Africa
Region 3 South Korea, Hong Kong , Asia
Region 4 Australia, New Zealand, Latin America
Region 5 Russia, Indian Continent, Africa
Region 6 China

Remote Handset Hacks:

The best way to unlock your DVD player is to tap in a simple sequence of buttons using your handset controller. This will activate hidden menus, where you can change the player's programmed region to 'region free'. Many of these sequences can be found on forums around the web. However, most of them don't work and have been updated almost randomly. We specialise in DVD player unlock codes and won't let you down.

DVD Codes remote: What are OneForAll controllers?

Some DVD player hacks will require the use of a programmable URC controller. These are designed so that your TV, DVD player and Sky system can be used with a single remote control. The controllers also have a special feature, in that individual buttons can be reprogrammed to send 'packets' of numbers. For example, the Number 1 button can be programmed to send '0012'. Some Sony and Panasonic machines need a number of 'packets' to be sent in order to become multi-region. It might sound a bit strange, but in fact this method is very easy to implement in practice. You'll be pleased to learn that 99% of players can be unlocked using the original remote control it came with.

What are Firmware Upgrades?

This is a way of reprogramming the DVD player's operating software, originally supplied by the manufacturer to manage, amongst other factors, the region setting. To make a region update you simply have to burn the new firmware file to disc and play it in the DVD player. You can find sites on the web supplying links to firmware upgrades. However, there are some important facts you need to take in to consideration 

1. You have to make the new CD yourself and if performed without guidance, can damage your player.

2. You won't know that the firmware upgrade found is genuine. The data contained in the file could be 'anything' and you'll be placing trust in someone that you've never met and cannot reach if there's a problem. Thankfully, we have access to upgrades considered very safe and easy to use.

3. Furthermore, the 'advertised' firmware upgrade may not be the correct for your player. Many Region 1 firmware upgrades. if used on a Region 2 player, may cause problems and even damage the player beyond repair.

What are Chips?

1. 'Chipping' will void the warranty of your player, or so we have gleaned from the Internet.

2. We do not deal with chips of any description, as we have no working knowledge of them.

3. Of course, there's the hassle of shipping your DVD player and seeing what the manufacturer can do, if anything.

4. For these reasons, we do not promote 'chipping' and would advise against it. It's possibly damaging, expensive and particularly inconvenient. DVDCodes has no experience in chipping and would use the good old fashioned DVD controller unlock code or software upgrade.


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