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If you want to make your player region free and need a handset sequence to do it, be sure to use a reputable site. Choose a website that features a listing of codes they have available. Many will ask you to type your player’s name into a box – then give a basic ‘okay we've got your code’ message. Type ‘Merry Christmas’ into the box and you’ll receive the same reply. In this instance, all you’ll get in return will be a few generic codes, or old sequences that won’t work.

Always use a website offering handset, or simple CD software solutions. Purchasing ‘one-off’ remotes that activate multi-region capability is best avoided, as it’s time consuming, expensive and not always effective. This goes for ‘chipping’, which means sending your player away and have somebody take it to bits for you.

If in doubt, e-mail the company involved and ask about the player in question. Think about the type of reply you receive. Do you get a sense that they can be trusted? It often helps if their response is readable - and that they can spell.

In short, take time to select a website that responds in a timely fashion, is courteous and helpful. Remember, many sites can ‘afford’ to offer suspiciously low prices for their services. This is because it costs nothing to e-mail out a random code, or a ripped off, half-baked solution. Pay peanuts and you’ll be funding monkey organisations.

Finally, check to see if the website is in fact, a company. If not, they won’t care if you’re satisfied or not with their services - and only want your money. Check the bottom of their web pages for signs of company details.

I hope this helps in selecting a website that’s best for you.

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